Let’s talk about sex baby, Let’s talk about T1D

Warning – contains sexual material

Can you hear the tune as you read the title? If you don’t I might be aging myself here lol

We are all adults here, and I think its safe to say that sex is apart of being human and part of society. As a type 1 diabetic, it is the same for us!

Let me tell you though, it adds an extra layer of things to think about before doing the deed! Not just did I brush my teeth? Did I shave recently? Oh god, did i shave?!

Blood sugar is heavily influenced by MANY MANY things, exercise is a BIG one! I can’t even walk around the grocery store without a low rearing its ugly head sometimes.

Now imagine being in the middle of an intimate moment with someone you love and feeling like you are gonna pass out. Do I push through? Do I potentially ruin the moment and keep myself alive?

Yes I know, the answer is obvious here! But I tell you we go back and forth in our heads on the matter probably for far too long! Sometimes we don’t want to ruin the sexy moment with blood sugar testing and orange juice, but hey we do what we gotta do.

I don’t wear a pump myself, but for those that do, I can only imagine! Do you remove it entirely before sex? Or risk it being pulled out completely but know your blood sugar is in range?

High blood sugars over time can also have an effect on our sex lives. In women it can cause vaginal dryness, and in men can lead to erectile dysfunction. Yikes!

Things you can do to avoid the awkwardness!

  1. Check & Treat BEFORE the show even starts! I’d rather go into the whole thing a bit high if necessary.
  2. Discuss with your partner, Especially if they don’t know about your condition yet. This is a must! You want them to be aware so they know what to do if you end up needing help.
  3. Sex is good for you! Gets the heart rate up and brings us closer to our partner, it’s a natural part of being human. Find a way to make it work with your T1D
  4. If you have to take a break, do it! Test and get back at it! Listen to your body
  5. Have juice and snacks in your nightstand, or somewhere close by to treat lows quickly if necessary.
  6. IF you can wear a GCM go for it, then you just have to worry about the alarm that will sound if too low or high.
  7. If you have been drinking alcohol prior to the moment take extra precautions, it can mess with your blood sugar and cause lows on top of the exercise
  8. If using lubricants – make sure they are sugar-free! Even if it’s just on your skin the sugars can be absorbed and raise levels
  9. If you are having continued issues with your sexual function, be sure to see a doctor. They can help if you tell them sooner than later!

It’s hard to be spontaneous as  Type 1 Diabetic, every moment of our lives takes consideration and care. Most people don’t have to plan out their “sexy time” but being prepared and communication is the best way to make sure you both have fun and no traumatic trips to the ER!

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