I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, emotional and physical abuse, manipulative and narcissistic environment, and struggled with health issues for as long a I can remember.

I feel like I have lived 10 lives in this one, surviving each chapter, trying to learn the lessons from it and heal. When the shit storm starts at such a young age, that is how old souls are made.

Healing from a completely broken childhood can be incredibly lonely and not understood by many, other than those on the same journey.

My name and personal information will not be apart of this blog, but I promise each word, each moment I share with you is very personal and real. There are a few reasons I’ve decided to do this anonymously, and I hope you can respect this decision.

I want…I need to do this with as much pure honesty, or I really don’t see the point. Sharing these stories in hopes of finding more healing and peace within myself, and in turn with the world.

I may change my mind someday, but for now my personal information will be just that. As you read my posts, you can imagine why I decided to do this.

Privacy of course, but my story could upset some that don’t want the world to know what horrible things they have done. Where the legal system failed me, as it does to many survivors, could also cause me further pain than it already has.

Releasing the shitstorm that lives in my head out into the world (it’s LONELY in there!), with hopes of finding connection and understanding with those who are also trying to heal from life’s brutalities.

Showing that everyone is dealing with things we know nothing about, but if we are willing to listen and hear their stories without judgement the world will change and remove the unnecessary shame we all feel. Leading with love, kindness, and compassion.

If you are reading this, and you think you know who I am, please be sensitive to my wishes to be anonymous and send me a private email at em@survivingtheshitstorm.com. Only I check this email, and I would appreciate your discretion.

I will encourage comments and discussion, but please be respectful to me and to others that may share here as well. We are all in this shit storm together, be kind.